• medifeet 24 maxicare solutions
  • medifeet 24 maxicare solutions
  • medifeet 24 maxicare solutions
  • medifeet 24 maxicare solutions

Medifeet 24

Heel decubitus, a pressure ulcer on the heel, is a painful and frequently occurring problem among patients confined to bed.

Pes equinus, or club foot, is another condition to be avoided. When a person is lying down the feet simply become an extension of the leg, and are not positioned as they would be if the person were standing.

The calf muscles tend to shorten as a result, and the Achilles tendon can shorten too.

medifeet 24

  • Heel are raised, preventing pressure ulcers,
  • prevention of clubbed foot in patients with neuromuscular "balance" between tensors and flexors,
  • naturally extended position, knees not raised,
  • air circulates around the feet, no maceration of the skin,
  • sheet frame, no pressure exerted by bed linen,
  • 24hr a day relief for patients lying on back or on side, due to modular construction,
  • electrically controlled bed is adjustable, Semi-Fowler's position,
  • saves on costs, care for wounds is expensive,
  • simple to use,
  • time savings for care staff.

The use of Medifeet® is aiming at these benefits.


There was a consultancy agreement with U.Z. Leuven Prof. Matricali. Professor in Orthopaedics, Foot and Ankle Surgery; Diabetic Foot Clinic, during the project development phase.


® is a branded product and is produced in accordance with the high quality standards of the MAXI CARE solutions® brand.

  • Bi-elastic washable incontinence PU cover to be disinfected or washed at 60°C: see directions for use,
  • special water-repellent zips,
  • various foam combinations with a fire standard according to medical requirements, that offer remarkable comfort, such as the right density for the right support and breathability,
  • support for the legs in pressure-reducing, visco elastic memory foam,
  • CE Class 1, Oeko-Tex 100.