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  • maxicare 30

Maxi Care Solutions 30°

maxi care solutions 30

To prevent decubitus sores it is essential that the patient's position be changed with sufficient frequency. The position should be changed at least every 4 hours. When lying on their backs it recommended that patients be put in the Semi-Fowler position. When on their sides patients are best positioned with 30° support behind the back. The MAXI CARE solutions 30° cushion is an extremely comfortable cushion that only reaches the essential 30° angle when in use by the patient.

In the supine position Maxi care 30 supports the knees when a contracture is already present.


  • Bi-elastic washable, incontinence PU cover to be disinfected or washed at 60°C. (See directions for use.)
  • Special water-repellent zip
  • Back supported by pressure-reducing visco elastic memory foam
  • Foam combinations with a fire standard according to medical requirements, that offer the right support and are breathable.
  • CE Class 1, Oeko-Tex 100